Black Raspberry and Black Cumin

Didja Know

Lately I've been so impressed with a two-food combination that's making news. The combo is black raspberry seed and black cumin seed. These two foods have been studied at several medical schools, and are elite immune boosters.

I've talked about the seed oils before, but did you know about the seed powders? 

There's a guy in Wisconsin where I live who quietly is turning seeds into supplements. He takes the black raspberry and black cumin seeds and puts them in a slow-turning press. On one side, rich nutritious oil is squeezed out. On the other side, the flour from the dry portion of the seed comes out in long blue and purple sticks. He takes those sticks and blends them up into a soft powder that becomes one of the most exciting food supplements I've seen in years.

Here's why. When you measure the antioxidant power of the black raspberry seed, gram-for-gram, it's several times stronger than the fruit itself. Its ellagic acid and phenolic compounds are concentrated right there in the seed, and both of these have been shown to retard the growth of certain cancer cells. It's also being compared with aspirin for its ability to block the Cox-2 enzyme, which is especially important for people who take analgesics for arthritis pain.

Black cumin seeds are relatively new to America, but they've been used in Mediterranean countries for thousands of years. I've talked before about how they stimulate the immune system. In one animal study, mice with aggressive cancers survived significantly longer than those not eating black cumin. The seed flour contains something called phytonutrients, which are plant chemicals known for having anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, and anti-microbial properties. It also has beta sitosterol, which can lower cholesterol, as well as help men with symptoms of BPH, or enlarged prostate.

Now I try to get as much nutrition from my diet as possible. But all of us cheat on the diet sometimes, and being on the road as much as I am makes consistent healthy eating a huge challenge. But I'm not going to leave my health to chance. Black raspberry seeds and black cumin seeds are part of my everyday supplement regimen.

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I'm Guy Evans, and now you know!


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