Fungal Mycotoxins

Fungal Mycotoxins, Food, & Breast Cancer


Are you eating your way to breast cancer?

What if you found out that if you consume foods such as peanut butter and beef, you might well be eating fungal toxins that could cause breast cancer?

Would you change your diet?

Would you cleanse your body?

One of the most common hormones used with cattle is zearalone, which is a fungal product whose toxic byproducts cause breast tumors.

Actually, a whole host of foodstuffs contain fungal toxins. Mycotoxins are toxic fungal metabolites that are structurally diverse. Yet they are common contaminants of the ingredients in animal feed and human food.

They or their effects can be transmitted from animal feed to the animal to humans.

To date, mycotoxins with carcinogenic potency in experimental animal models include aflatoxins, sterigmatocystin, ochratoxin, fumonisins, zearalenone, and some penicillium toxins.

In one 1993 study, researchers examined human breast cancer tissue for evidence of the presence of aflatoxin, a recognized potent carcinogenic mycotoxin found in inferior peanut butter and other nut and dairy products.

According to an online website, "The researchers examined human DNA from a variety of tissues and organs to identify and quantify aflatoxin DNA-adducts. Such adducts are considered to be proof of the mycotoxin's presence in a particular tissue."

Their finding? "Tumor tissues had higher aflatoxin-adduct levels than did normal tissue from the same individual."

The result of this study is that it verifies the presence of carcinogenic aflatoxin within the cancer tissue and thus implicates aflatoxin as a cause of breast cancer. But there is so much more evidence.

The fungally derived drug cyclosporin is actually considered to be a mycotoxin, the byproduct of fungi. In1990, researchers reported completely new malignant tumors occurring at a high rate among renal transplant recipients who were immunosuppressed with cyclosporin.

Dr. Escribano-Patino and co-investigators reported in 1995 the occurrence of breast cancer as a complication of cyclosporin use in their series of kidney transplant recipients.

One sample study is by Le, et al. (1986), in a French case-control study of 1,010 breast cancer cases and 1,950 controls with nonmalignant diseases, found that breast cancer was found to be associated with increased frequency of mold fermented cheese consumption.

Going, et al. (1990) found that weddellite (calcium oxalate) crystals are present in calcifications found in the breast tissue of patients with breast cancer. Calcium oxalate crystals are formed when calcium binds with oxalic acid. Oxalic acid happens to be a mycotoxin that can be produced by a number of different fungal species. Some fungi produce such large amounts of oxalic acid that they are used for commercial production of chemicals. Aspergillus niger fungal infection in human lungs produces large amounts of oxalic acid.

Tips for a Fungal Cleanse
The most common symptoms are vaginal yeast infections, sinus problems, digestive problems like heartburn, headaches, itchy scalp, ringing in the ears, sore joints, athlete's foot, jock itch and even high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and blood sugar ratings that are out of whack.

BE A SMART SHOPPER. Purchase only certified organic or natural (raised without hormones) beef products. Buy peanuts and nut butters from quality companies; companies such as Arrowhead Mills have a reputation for producing aflatoxin-free peanut butter. We recommend certified organic dairy products whenever possible. Good brands that closely monitor such levels are Horizon, Alta-Dena, and Organic Valley. But there are other excellent companies, too, on the shelves of your local health food store.

REMOVE INDOOR MOLD. Many homes today are mold infested due to flooding, storms and other weather events. Be sure to use a proven indoor air filter such as the PIONair Air Treatment System.

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How to Find the Antifungal Kit
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