Aclare™ Air Purifier

Aclare Air Purifier Unit

Photocatalytic Ionization Technology

Uses photocatalyisis for an advanced and proactive means of purifying indoor air.

  • May reduce bacteria and viruses in the air. 
  • Oxidizes odors, fungi, mold, and toxic gasses.
  • May help settle dust and other large particles out of the air.
  • Covers up to 700 square feet and includes lamp module which lasts for two years.


Aclare replacement bulb

The Aclare Air Purifier consists of 2 parts: a lamp module and a base.  The upper portion of the air unit is the replaceable lamp module.  It contains the ultraviolet lamp that cleans the air and should be replaced every 2 years.  The lower part of the unit is the plug-in and contains the electrical parts.  There are no moving parts.

To remove the lamp module:

1-Unplug from electrical outlet.

2-Hold the bottom part with one hand while pulling the lamp module straight up with the other hand allowing it to slide out of the base.


To replace:

1-Slide the new module down firmly into base with the Aclare logo facing the front.

2-Plug into electrical outlet.