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BioActive Nutrients has been associated with Doug Kaufmann and his health show, Know the Cause, for approximately 15 years. The focus on Know the Cause is the relationship between disease, food and fungus, and how to change your lifestyle to become fungus free. Doug has also carried out this message in the books he has authored, and they are available to read or hear.

Get the information you need on getting and staying healthy by watching the television show, or pick up one of Doug's books! They are definately worth it.

The Fungus Link 1

To: Allergies, Arthritis, Digestion, Respiration, Mental Health, Heart Health, Women’s Health, and Pain. Volume 1, 2nd Series.A book by Doug A. Kaufmann; Introduction by Wm. Lee Cowden, M.D.

“Fungi (like humans) are heterotrophic, deriving nourishment from organic matter formed by other organisms. For fungi, this can be an animal that has died in the forest, leaves fallen from trees, or you and me! They thrive on warm, moist hosts. Fungi literally live everywhere: the soil, the air, in certain foods, even water. Many fungi are actually residents of the human body in healthy individuals (i.e., in the intestinal tract) and do not cause symptoms or diseases unless the person in which they are living becomes ‘immunocompromised.’” – Doug



The Fungus Link 2

Fight the Microscopic Fungi that can Cause: Hormone Problems, Mental Dysfunction, Autoimmune Disease, Ear, Nose & Throat Illness; Weight Gain and Hair Loss. Volume 2. A book by Doug A. Kaufmann, with David Holland, M.D.

Kaufmann and David Holland, M.D., team up once again to explain how microbes and toxins in the food we eat can cause a wide variety of diseases, from depression to hair loss to cancer.

"People have been talking and worrying about the yeast Candida albicans for more than 40 years," Kaufmann says. "Certainly, Candida is one of the more powerful fungi around. The only problem is, it's only one of some 400 species documented as being capable of causing disease in human beings. To have the best chance at achieving good health, you've got to look at the whole picture..." - Doug Kaufmann


The Fungus Link 3

Fight the Microscopic Fungi that can Cause: Skin Disease, Postpartum Depression, Weakened Immune System, Bladder Disease, Kidney Stones, Sick Building Syndrome, and Weight Gain. Volume 3. A book by Doug A. Kaufmann, with David Holland, M.D., and Jami Clark, R.N.

In this, the third volume of The Fungus Link, Kaufmann, Holland, and Clark explain that the microscopic fungi and fungal toxins in our food, air and antibiotic medications are capable of causing a wide variety of health problems, and that they can often lie at the root of some of today's most debilitating, "cause-unknown" diseases. "To do more than simply treat the symptoms of disease," Kaufmann says, "to achieve true wellness, fungi and their toxins must be addressed."


The Fungus Link to Weight Loss

A Science-Based Weight Loss Program for America's Families. A book by Doug A. Kaufmann, with David Holland, M.D.

Doug Kaufmann and David Holland, M.D. have helped thousands to lose weight permanently. In the process, large numbers of people have also overcome illness ranging from asthma to diabetes. Now it's your turn!

"To be alive and healthy," author Kaufmann says, "means to be actively antifungal. for example, more crops weaken and die because of fungi than any other problem. Other research points compellingly to the role fungi and their toxins play in health problems such as weight gain in human beings. In fact, it's no coincidence that people who become overweight can also lose as many as 20 years from their lives. Fungi wouldn't have it any other way." - Doug Kaufmann

The Germ That Causes Cancer

An Easy-Reading Handbook. A book by Doug A. Kaufmann, with David Holland, M.D.; Kyle Drew; and Jami Clark, R.N.

"The fact that cancer cells and fungi share such vital characteristics may be more than just a coincidence. The implication is that we may be confusing fungal cells, or human cells that are 'infected' with fungi, for cancer. Indeed, mycologists say that this can and does occur even when these cells are viewed under a microscope, and especially if a fungal infection is never considered as a cause of the problem

The Fungus Link To Diabetes

A Cutting-Edge Approach to Stopping One of America's Fastest Growing Epidemics in its Tracks. A book by Doug A. Kaufmann, with David Holland, M.D.

Well-documented evidence to support their arguments that microbes and toxins in the food we eat cause diabetes, and that borderline and diagnosed diabetics can do more than just 'cope'.

"Every year, millions of people with weight problems develop diabetes," Kaufmann says, "but millions more with the same problems do not. We felt it was time to stop blaming 'genetics' as the deciding factor, and time to find some real answers. It turns out, that to prevent or reverse the course of diabetes, it's more what we eat, and less how much we eat, that we need to worry about..."

Eating Your Way to Good Health

Recipes for Doug Kaufmann's Anti-Fungal Diet. A book by Doug Kaufmann, with Jami Clark, R.N.

Eating Healthy Just Got Easier!

...a revolutionary new concept in proper nutrition. Food provides nutrition and nutrition provides good health, provided that the food isn't diseased, as is sometimes the case...

Science is now documenting that seemingly healthy foods like whole grains, corn and peanuts are often contaminated with disease causing germs. If contaminated, these very foods might be increasing your risk of serious diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

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