• Weight 12 oz (0.34 kgs)
• Height 8.25” (21 cm)
• Depth 2.50” (6 cm)
• Width 3.25” (8 cm)
• Electrical Rating: 120 V, 60 Hz, 8 Watts
• UV Output: 8 microwatts per cm
• Made in USA with UL Listed Parts

Aclare Air Purifier System

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Aclare uses an innovative process called photocatalysis [pho•to•ca•tal•y•sis] to proactively purify your indoor air.  The process utilizes a broad spectrum germicidal ultraviolet light and natural humidity to chemically react with the multi-metallic and titanium dioxide coatings on the target area.  is reaction creates ‘cleaners’ (hydroxyl radicals and super-oxide ions) that are silently emitted into the room. 

These cleaners then destroy airborne mold spores, fungi, bacteria, odors and toxic chemical gases by an advanced oxidation process. Negative ions are also emitted to help settle dust particles away from your breathing space. Since Aclare does not have to pull air into the unit like a passive HEPA filter, there are no filters to clean or replace and it is virtually maintenance free. To maintain best performance, the lamp module should be replaced every 18 to 24 months.

*Information from Aclare website.