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Breaking the Mold in the World of Supplements. 

Welcome to BioActive Nutrients! We are committed to providing the highest quality products at the best possible prices. Your health is our top priority! Originally when Guy started the company we were a company who concentrated on the basics, making sure we had a wide variety of products for all customers. Over the years we’ve began to concentrate on fungal issues and developing more products for fungus/microbes because our customers are asking for quality natural antifungals to help with their health issues.

Our mission is to educate and guide people with fungus/yeast problems in their journey to a healthier life through great supplements. First, you may want to start with a fungal/microbial assessment to help you understand how fungus/microbes get into your system. Step two is to stop feeding fungus. Our antimicrobial diet eliminates foods that encourage fungal growth and increases foods that strengthen your body and its resistance to fungal contaminants. The final step to a healthier body is to kill the fungal toxins in your body. We encourage you to take a look at our Antifungal/Antimicrobial Kit which contains all the supplements you need to help cleanse your body completely. Candida and fungi have been and will always be inside of us-along with billions of other microbes-so let us help you fight back, one supplement at a time!