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BioActive Nutrients: Honestly Good Healthy Habits

At BioActive Nutrients, we are all about helping you craft a healthy lifestyle that includes a wholesome and interesting diet, exercise you enjoy, and restful sleep. But we know you're active, sometimes even harried, and time is at a premium. We also know there are lots of things competing for your budget.

We Strive To:

  • Formulate and offer the highest quality nutritional supplements we can, at optimal potency for the human body, for a reasonable cost.
  • Provide straightforward, honest information about healthy living, including supplements, so you can make informed nutritional choices.
  • Help you enjoy a healthy, energetic, and productive life, confident in the integrity of our products and company.


Our Back Story

 Guy Evans started BioActive Nutrients over 20 years ago from his home in the north woods, after he searched in vain for a simple, affordable, complete dietary supplement. With the help of his father, a nutritional biochemist, he developed BioPLUS, an innovative multivitamin/multimineral he could rely on to supply his family all the necessary nutrients in absorbable forms and optimal amounts, to support their busy lifestyle.

In the years since the launch of BioPLUS, BioActive Nutrients has expanded our line of natural supplements, working with experts in the industry to closely follow cutting-edge research, developments in natural products and customer health needs. We've focused on providing the best products, responsibly sourced and manufactured, for you and your family.

Today, BioActive Nutrients is owned by Curative Shop, a subsidiary of OneroRx. OneroRx is a leading provider of pharmacy and telepharmacy services in the Midwest, especially in underserved communities. Curative Shop operates out of Pleasant Hill, Iowa, and our BioActive Nutrients products can be found in many of OneroRx's pharmacies across four states. Stop by and shop our line in person if you're in the area!

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Authentic Values

We've stayed true to our down-to-earth, basic origins. We expect integrity, honesty, and reliability from those we do business with, and that's what we give to you. Pure and simple: If we can't stand behind the quality, benefits, and price of a product, we don't offer it.