The Best Natural Antifungal Solution In 4 Easy Steps


For over a decade we've been working with Doug Kaufman, host of the popular TV show Know The Cause.  He's spent years researching and explaining the connection between fungal overgrowth and health problems.

And if you look through some of Doug's carefully collected research, you'll find that many of the best antifungals are in fact natural antifungals.

Doug has developed a very effective approach to dealing with fungus that can be broken down into 4 easy steps.  And as you'll see, these steps rely on natural methods that support your internal ecoystem and your overall health.  

Natural Antifungal Step #1: Follow An Antifungal Diet

The first step in getting rid of fungus is to stop feeding it. An antifungal diet eliminates foods that encourage fungal growth and increases foods that strengthen your body and its resistance to fungus.

By increasing protein and reducing or eliminating sugars and starches from your diet, you can literally starve the fungus inside of you and weaken it.  Don't worry, after you've effectively pushed the fungus back, you can return to eating your old favorites.  Although to prevent a recurrence, you'll want to still eat sugars and starches in moderation.

You can find the details for how to follow this diet in Doug Kaufman's books on fungus and health.

Natural Antifungal Step #2: Strengthen Your Allies

Candida and other fungi have been and will always be inside of us – along with  billions of other microbes.  Some of these other microbes, probiotic bacteria, play a particular role in helping your body keep fungus down in numbers so that they don't interfere with your health.

For this reason, after you've started weakening the fungus by taking away its food source, you need to then strengthen you key probiotic allies inside of you with a probiotic supplement.

Natural Antifungal Step #3: Fight Back

Nature has provided us with a wealth of antifungal nutrients that can help your body fight back. Oregano oil, caprylic acid from coconut and apple cider vinegar are just a few.

These different natural compounds fight off fungus through a variety of strategies. Some of them work better on some fungus than others. For this reason we recommend you rotate through different natural antifungals to get the best results. We include the full spectrum of natural antifungals in our antifungal kit.

Natural Antifungal Step #4: Clean It Up

Vanquishing your fungal foe inside of you is one thing. Getting rid of the debris is another.  Fortunately, your body has a pretty efficient waste management system that will help you clean up the mess. 

But sometimes it needs a little extra help. And there's nothing like a good fiber and water to help your body's own trash-hauler system to get rid of the rubbish. We offer a variety of choices in this arena as well from simple psyllium, to our flaxseed mix, to our award-winning Green Sweep with kamut grass.

When you clean-up after your antifungal regimen, you'll start to really feel the good results in better energy and comfort.

**This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.